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Achieving a Flawless Paint Refinish, Every Time

From equipment technology to technician training, results are in the process details.

Common Reasons Vehicles Need Paint Refinishing

When a vehicle comes in for paint refinishing, the reasons can vary but most commonly it’s needed due to a collision repair. However, there are other popular reasons cars roll into to have their paint job renewed, the top three include:

Normal Wear and Tear

As vehicles age, so do their paint jobs which often begin to fade as a result of exposure to light and heat. In New England, exposure to salt during the winter months also poses significant risks to a vehicles paint job, including rust. The paint surface starts to lose its shine and luster, and have a chalky appearance - this is when many vehicle owners begin to think about refinishing their vehicles paint.

Collision Repair

The majority of refinishing jobs are needed because a vehicle was involved in an accident and required collision repairs. Refinishing surfaces due to collision repairs typically only require portions of the vehicle repainted versus the entire surface.

Classic Car Restoration

Restoring a classic car takes patience and passion. Many classic car enthusiasts who start a restoration project need to have the vehicles paint refinished among the many other items on their project to-do list. Often the paint jobs are refinished to match the vehicles original color from the manufacturer, despite some vehicles dating back to the 1950s or earlier.

Color Match

Although process and application are the true marks of a quality auto refinishing job, color matching is equally important. Vehicle manufacturers do not typically have their paint colors available for resale beyond touch-up pens for minor scratches. Color matching is the job of auto body shops, which is a fairly complicated task. A&M Auto Body Inc. uses industry leading digital technology to mix paints and achieve exact color matches, guaranteed. The mixing program can match the color by using correct ratios of colors provided by the manufacturers through the vehicle identification number. This VIN offers the manufacturer’s guidelines and formula so the mixing program can achieve exact results.

Equipment and Training

A&M Auto Body Inc. relies on the leader in vehicle paint booth technology, Global Finishing Solutions®. GFS manufactures high-end and performance paint booths for body shops. When we use the best, our customers receive the best. It's that simple.

Experienced and trained technicians are crucial to the quality of the overall refinishing process. Our technicians are equipped not only with the best tools, but also the know-how and experience to ensure each refinishing job comes out flawless.

A&M Auto Body Inc.

From minor vehicle refinishing to major overhauls, we’re your local auto body shop located in Lawrence, Massachusetts.


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